Get Live, Get Updated with Mobile Apps

Get Live, Get Updated with Mobile Apps

Get Live, Get Updated with Mobile AppsThe mobile application space is exploding. Users are increasingly turning to smartphones and tablets to consume and create content, whether on the go or on the couch. As a result, today’s wireless mobile devices offer a wealth of applications. There seems to be an app for just about every aspect of routine life, engaging users in an exciting and compelling fashion.

The mobile application world continues to expand at a breakneck pace. Whether for social networking, personal finance, gaming or any of the dozens of purposes, smartphones and tablets users are dependent on mobile applications. Analysts estimate for downloads of apps in 2013 range from 56 to 82 billion. In 2017, there could be 200 billion downloads.


Source: http://www.xcubelabs.com/smartphone-mobile-app-usage.php

As mobile technology keeps the customers stay connected for almost all the time, enterprises are moving beyond the desktop world to keep them attuned to their customers’ needs. But developing a mobile application for today’s distributed enterprises is not a simple task. With Mobile technology taking center stage in today’s world, organizations are keen on making significant advancements in the mobile space.

Webdunia can be a reliable and credible choice for developing a mobile app efficiently and professionally – with a fully equipped lab of app developers.

We offer you the transparent solution
Get a requirement description from the client, send out to the development team + developers strive to match the requirement + first draft release for testing, client review + incorporate all suggested changes + video-conference with the client + final draft released & deployed + send congrats e-mail to team on business e-mail for the work done.

Mobile app world teems with opportunity. Webdunia grabs those opportunities to offer you affordable, reliable and tailor-made mobile apps solutions which are customer-friendly and facilitate easy and quick data processing. From Games, Weather, Social Networking, Maps Navigation Search, M-commerce, Music, News, Entertainment to Banking Finance….we have extensive expertise to serve your varied requirements.
For more information, contact us at business.india@webdunia.net.

Literal Localization in Literal Time for Literal Customers

Literal Localization in Literal Time for Literal Customers

Literal Localization in Literal Time for Literal CustomersGlobal Presence in all the business verticals requires producing and sustaining local image for different regions. Local culture customization is more than producing a new image in a different language. Thus, to attract and retain customers, financial organizations around the world must meet the translation needs of a diverse customer base that increasingly relies on communicating in their own language.

Finance Industry has diverse market spread and is the interest of every individual globally. Managing, Investing, Insuring and Making money is the sole aim for all working purposes.
Making common people, from various geographies, understand the financial reports and researches is provocative. Localization helps to communicate ideas in native languages of customer.

The competitive world demands for native language communication and Webdunia helps to fulfill the demand vigorously. Amongst all available localization companies, Webdunia is way ahead of the competition because we are:
The tool that’s meticulous,
The wheeler and dealer,
The category successor,
The driving force,
And a prodigies to translation solution
Which ensure Usability, Extendibility, Scalability, and Affordability.

That’s right!! When it comes to banking and financial instruments translation, Webdunia is the clear favorite. We help you to explore new regions with new possibilities with highly precise capability & quality. We work dedicatedly with live projects for time sensitive data such as regular on day financial reports and newsletters. We assist you with:

• Translation of Research Products: Fundamental reports, Timely reports, Early-Morning Reports, Newsletters, Company Info, Market Insights, Analysis Reports
• Translation of Marketing Collaterals: Brochures, Leaflets, Flyers, Catalogues, Website for different services
• Translation of other documents: Financial Datasheets, Share issues, Trading software, Investment Instructions, Accounting standards, Investment portfolio

Behind every piece of work is a great team. Work belongs to all who have helped create and execute it. For 14 years, our team has been helping BFSI companies for optimizing revenues. Now let’s talk about you – o. deadlines and cost-effective rates. Send us your requirements at business.india@webdunia.net.

Destination Insights in Your Voice

Destination Insights in Your Voice

travelBillions of People around the world, Lacs of Destination they travel, Thousands of Language they speak, Hundreds of Culture they follow…..but statistics say that out of billions of people, Millions are non-English speakers. Thus, the primary question is, “How to cross boundaries and reach All at one go?”

The best way to go ahead is get connected. To stay connected and interact you need to go global and localize your communication. Localization can put you in touch with your customers and help you give them real-time destination experience including the place, its culture, cuisines, and specialties.

Tourist, the end-users is more comfortable with their native language than the so called global language “English”. Webdunia helps you to converse with your customers in their local language of choice and comfort……….

We translate your voice to match it with your customer’s language

Native language builds a sense of intimacy and affection.

Intimacy and affection steadily develops trust.

Trust results to gain customer loyalty.

Ten Percent of your inspiration and Ninety Percent of our effort enables the real Global Communication to happen.

Dissemination of presentation of any information in native languages allows the end-user to provide valuable, appropriate and business sensitive feedback which eventually lets you to convert the interactivity to the next business potential.

The world of Travel and Tourism is a rather complex one.  Curiosity to discover the hidden latent of a tourist destination within a tourist on the basis of meticulous information reflects the intricacies involved in the presentation of information. That’s why we at Webdunia pick out what’s important, analyze it and give it to you in our power-packed portfolio to help you communicate in the same language your customer speaks. Contact us to multifold you revenue by reaching your customers more efficiently.

“Copy and Paste” of Design doesn’t Accomplish Multilingual Desktop Publishing!!

“Copy and Paste” of Design doesn’t Accomplish Multilingual Desktop Publishing!!

dtp Translating a user manual or a marketing collateral piece into the target language does not mean that the product is ready to serve the market. It’s only the half challenge, and then comes the Desktop Publishing, a last phase of any localization project. A simple “Copy and Paste” of design will not do it right. Desktop Publishing in multiple languages can be very challenging in regards of using right software, platform, and adept DTP personnel. It may require necessary guidelines and right process to be adopted when designing documents are intended for localization.

As a Multilingual Desktop Service Provider, Webdunia has developed a comprehensive DTP process from pre-processing the document to post-processing and quality checks for the best results. Furthermore, Our DTP specialists work in all formats and platforms and are skilled in multilingual publishing.

Understanding the Process
Multilingual Desktop Publishing comprises of 6 major steps, these are:
• Extraction of source language text for translation in a translatable format that is readable to translators e.g., Word, RTF, or TXT format.
• Localization of source language text into the desired target language
• Insertion of translated text into the target language version of the document
• Adjusting and formatting of localized text to match the original; complying with target-language standards. Features like hyphenation, punctuation, page breaking, adjustment of text elements for complete display, table of content and index may need to be generated. Also, if there are hyperlinks and inline images, they may have to be restored.
• DTP quality assurance checks
• Generation of PostScript and PDF files for online and print publication

For the successful completion of the DTP process there are some essential rules and guidelines which take under close consideration followed to avoid many problems. These guidelines are especially crucial if the same source document will be translated into multiple target languages. The adjustment of the source document layout may become an imperative to keep costs and lead time down.

• DTP translation from English to any other foreign language take up 30% more space, so the page layout needs to have adequate white space for increasing or decreasing text lengths. It’ll help DTP experts to maintain consistency in font size, characters, and line spacing. Also, allows them to add new pages if require.
• Use of style sheet and paragraph style helps a foreign typesetter to keep layout and position of text and images consistent across the document.
• It is advisable to use simple fonts that can support all the characters of the target language; adopting fancy font families may replace characters that will further cause text inaccuracy. Maximum use of OpenType fonts reduces the cross-platform conversion issues.
• Share all the necessary source files including fonts, graphs, charts, which are used to create the original document. If layers with text and images are used to create unique effects, it is crucial to provide native files in an editable format in order to well-develop the document in the target language.
• Design of the document should be kept simple and light weight. High resolution images may give a great visual deal to a document but heavy load of images can present big challenges in the DTP process and make it more lengthy and expensive.
• Not all icons and images are understood in the same way by readers from different countries, cultures, and languages. Images, symbols, gestures, and colors should be wisely selected while creating the document to ensure that they are not inappropriate or offensive to your global readers. For instances: “red color” is associated with both love and war; “thumbs-up” gestures is usually apprehend as “well-done” but in some countries it may be constructed as an inflammatory insult.

Get your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERPs) System Localized

Get your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERPs) System Localized

erp localization Enterprise Resource Planning (ERPs) system is one of your key IT assets to automate business practices and streamlining processes.

ERPs Localization means adapting ERPs software to different languages and regional variances. It is the process of translating an ERPs product /manual in other languages for adapting the language for a specific country or region. There are various ERP packages available and are well known as SAP, Oracle , Tally etc.

ERPs localization is much more different from other kinds of localization tasks since there are different modules which do not present a cohesive picture as software strings do. While it is easier to decipher software functionality by looking at the localizable strings, it is not so in the case of ERPs strings.

There are different modules, and so different containers which hold the strings. Generally, since these strings concatenate to create a full scenario, they can connect in more ways than one, and that poses a challenge. Also, ERPs has many different departments catered, which means there are hundreds of different scenarios in which these strings may be presented, resulting in an increased challenge for localizers.

Our team has been working for a number of projects involving localization of Financial, Process and Publishing & Packaging related software. We have localized it all, desktop software, web-apps, UA/UI websites using various types of forms and billing and metering systems. Our decade long experience provides Webdunia, the most suitable status for partnering with major ERPs providers and other organizations using business related software for their Localization/Translation needs.

We completed ERPs translation projects for various companies around the globe. We have recently assisted one of our clients with ERPs software/manual Translation, Review and Quality Assurance. The project entailed over 140,000 words requiring almost 1.5 months of skilled and experienced localization team of translators, reviewers and engineers to work on the ERPs translation project.

Our ERPs translation team consists of translators, reviewers and QA professionals was responsible for adapting all portions of the translated content. Simultaneously, our project managers ensured completion of all ERPs translation and software localization work on time, our team delivered the project back to our client meeting the deadline with utmost quality.

Automotive Translation – For Accelerating the Speed of Your Communication

Automotive Translation – For Accelerating the Speed of Your Communication

localization in automobile The global automotive industry is one of the world’s most important economic sectors by revenue. With its dramatic development over the last decades, today’s automotive industry is highly concentrated. As it is one of the biggest industries in the world, translation is no longer an option, it’s a necessity. Automotive translation services aid both automotive OEMs and dealers to easily communicate with foreign business partners, engineers, and clientele.

Whether you are trying to reach to potential customer or communicate about the new product launch with existing customers, whether the communication is with chauffeurs about maintenance information or with proprietors about operational manuals; professional automotive translation can help in accelerating the speed of communication and help business reach the top gear in the industry.

Auto products come with a good deal of documentation, and needs to be appropriately translated to drive successfully into new markets across the globe. The translation of vehicle allied documents into native languages of the desired target market is the foremost step towards developing reliable customer service. A manual that’s properly translated and easy to understand makes a customer feel more secure and will help convince them of the authenticity of your automobile.

Furthermore, promotional materials like catalogues, brochures, and primarily advertisements play a vital role in sales of the product and hence needs to be carefully translated. Consumers get easily engaged with advertisements; whether print, TV or digital; this induces a strong desire towards product and eventually affects their buying decision. Thus, the promotional message needs to be translated in multiple languages to make it more impactful.

Other than manuals and promotional materials, there are a number of documents that concern to customers and require to be translated like –
• Product information
• Training information
• Technical documentation
• Warranty books
• Press releases
• Contracts & patents

Relying on a proficient translation company to translate these kinds of technical and informative documents can facilitate the organization by developing trust between the brand and its customers. Webdunia is professional translation company with in-depth domain knowledge and expertise to deal with every facet of automotive translations. Our translators and proofreaders are trained in automotive terms and technologies, helps the company in bringing together the benefits of translation services for automotive products and services, ranging from manuals to warranty books, training to promotional material, technical documentation to contract and patents.

Localization in Multimedia

Localization in Multimedia

localization in multimedia The world is exceptionally vibrant, rather than monotonous society, which calls for greater acceptance and celebration of differences, be it within the nation or beyond it. In this colorful world, localization is like a performer, performs across culture, ethnicity and language of the targeted country. Previously, localization was predominantly performed on written material viz. product manuals, user guides, training materials, etc. As the world has become progressively unified, there is a rising tendency for language transfer in audiovisual media.

Today is the age of multimedia; it is all around us. We share a major part of our lives with Multimedia or it is affluence by components of multimedia. Multimedia is an accretion of written, audio and visual channels. Multimedia translation thus implies not only film/movie translation, but also audio and video media, theater, comics, and today more modern on-line and off-line products and services (such as web pages, CDroms, DVDs, computer games).

Although audiovisual (or multimedia) translation may not have been discussed much until recently, in the last 20 years, awareness of the importance of this kind of communication has grown considerably because the development of new technologies. Eventually, Multimedia or Audiovisual Translation is not a separate niche, or a subcategory of “actual” translation, the one that deals with words printed on paper.

It’s no wonder that many businesses large or small want to use it for a variety of reasons: employee training, sales presentations, to educate customers, communication, promotions, advertisements, etc.  Nowadays, both in marketing and technical communication, clients understand how multimedia content enhances the impact of their messages. Effective use of audio-visual aids staggeringly enhances message efficiency, making it easily comprehendible without any ambiguity and misinterpretation. If we look around, we realize that whether it is an animated cartoon film, an infotainment video, mobile/video game, webinar, graphics, sound clip, or a movie; all are the examples of Multimedia, majorly accessible via internet. All these information need to be appropriately translated in multiple languages to make them accessible across wider /global audience.  Thus, it is necessary to have high-quality multimedia translation especially for the entertainment and media industry.

Adding an audio piece to a website, or a video to an e-learning course, increases the attention span by 50%, while making a lasting impression on the audience. For instance:

  • Tom & Jerry, a renowned animates series, has been released in 24 countries across world in their native languages.
  • Lately popular Japanese cartoon series for children – Doraemon has been broadcasted in more than 30 languages
  • Google, Facebook and YouTube rank as first, second and third in web globalization, for a total of 130, 75, 28 languages respectively.
  • The most popular American-British feature film, Harry Potter, has been translated in 69 languages.
  • Employee grooming sessions by management experts are available in many languages on the web, and are been used by corporates globally

Multimedia localization comprises of real-time data (audio-visuals) translation, hence it needs to be done with extensive expertise to get the finest results. It’s easy to translate mere text into any language but multimedia translation requires additional skills and expertise in that the specifics of the final audio, video or animation delivery need to be carefully planned for.Thus, there is a specialized handling required for all types of multimedia translation services that help a company to provide the best quality service.

Many companies and business houses has therefore realized the value of multimedia translation and look for professional translator to get it localized impeccably. Webdunia, a leading localization company in India, can reproduce your multimedia experiences across multiple languages and diverse cultures with its vast industry experience and capabilities. Our team understands and analyzes all complexities involved in the translation, whether it is content comprehension; technical limitations such as text and audio length, etc. and facilitates a range of services like audio-video translation, subtitling, tagging, and script localization, while upholding the right industry standards in terms of quality, accuracy and efficiency.

Quick Tips for Translation Buyers

Quick Tips for Translation Buyers

translation buyers It is not that much trickier to find a right service provider for your translation requirements if you do it smartly. So how should you find the right translation agency to fit your needs? We have compiled a list of points to consider when preparing your document for translation, directed at helping you to better understand the service you require for translation.

So here it is….

Kind of document do you need to translate? Is it software/IT? Telecom? Life sciences?Automobile?

Some translators or translation agencies only work within specific industries. It is always better to choose the right people specialized in different industries you require. For ex. Document may need to be translated by a certified translator or sworn translators , which may narrow down your search.

Language(s) your document needs to be translated into?

There are many agencies that only work with only selected languages or a particular flavor of a language. For example, if your document needs to be translated into English for use in the United Kingdom, you may want to consider finding a translator/agency that is specialized in that particular flavor of English.

Target audience?

It is important to think about your target audience so as to help the translator convey the proper tone and writing style for the document. A document to be used in court has a different style than a document used on the internet for marketing   purposes, so communicating these needs is essential for facilitating the translation process and ensuring the highest quality of your document.

Requirement of any special services such as formatting or certification?

Evaluating this facet will really narrow down your selections, as many agencies and translators do not provide these DTP services. Bigger agencies are equipped to handle a range of formats and have an in-house team of desktop publishers who are  prepared to  assist you with DTP requirements .

A simple internet search of agencies will help you find a one-stop shop for your translation needs however it is advisable to scan their profiles (work experience, industry specialization, target languages,native linguists, DTP work , clientele, projects) before starting with a real project to get an idea of best fit for your translation requirements .

It will allow you to collaborate with them for long term to fulfill your translation needs. For more please contact us @ www.webdunia.net

Stay tuned in for more useful tips for the translation buyer.